Wish I was 27 again.

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Sorry for the long break. I was feeling pretty uninspired and unmotivated to even touch makeup for a little. Especially after my first attempt with the new Colourpop foundation. Figures after that little rut was over, I got hit with a Summer cold. Of course. Thank you, life!

Now that slump is over, let’s get on to some makeup! Melt Cosmetics did another limited edition release, the Twenty Seven palette. I can say that I was initially intrigued when the colors were being revealed on their Instagram. That intrigued came to a hard stop when I saw it all together and my reservations for the palette started to set in. Now, the Gemini palette was such an interesting palette that I had to set an alarm for the release date. The Twenty Seven palette flew under my radar and I just figured I could pick up any warm neutral palette and be fine.

I checked the r/makeupaddiction Discord to see when the release date was and decided, eh, lemme give it another look. Seeing more swatches and looks, I caved. Plus, the sale was amazing! Their lipsticks for only $5?! ARE YOU KIDDING? YES. So here was my latest Melt Cosmetics haul:

Melt2Warm enough?

From top left to right, I got their  bronzer/highlight in Nova, which is a pretty gold color. I couldn’t really get it to show up on my skin but, I think I was stressing, but it still gave a nice glow from within look. Cali Dream and Honey Thief are wonderful warm toned blushes, with Cali Dream being a bit more on the pink/coral side. Shadowplay is a such a great shimmer highligher/blush topper. This and Ghostlight are my favorites to use for a glow highlighter with shifts of golds, greens and silvers. Love it. I haven’t played with the Haze stack yet, but, that might be my next venture when trying out the rest of my Melt stacks that I’ve acquired recently. Be on the look out for that!

Melt3Twenty Seven palette

At first look, it doesn’t look much. Just a typical warm palette, but the quality and pigmentation of these colors are so A+ Melt Cosmetics quality. The colors were so easy to blend without getting too muddy. Definitely loved Crimefighter and Moonchild the most. I applied Crimefighter with my finger to the inner and towards the center of my lid. I’ll try with a brush next time, but I loved how light and shimmery it looked. The picture doesn’t do it justice. I was actually surprised that Naked Sleep showed up well on my complexion. It’s the perfect transition color! Definitely gonna be using this palette a lot more to do warm grungy looks.

Neesa5Was NOT a good liner day.
Had to gradient them.

Left to Right: Voyeur – 710 – Mum – Old Fashioned – Blow – Blitzed

Melt4On my lips: 710 – Voyeur – Old Fashioned – Mum – Blow – Blitzed

I was a little worried when I tried 710 and Voyeur. They definitely had a lot more tug on my lips than I would’ve liked. But once applied, they looked so pretty with my eye look. When I tried on Old Fashioned, Mum (my favorite), they applied so smoothly and creamy texture. Lastly, Blow and Blitzed were interesting to work with. Blow needed to get warmed up a bit then it applied a lot more smooth. It stained and was a bit of a pain to take off. Blitzed was creamy and easy to apply as well. Can’t wait to wear these with different looks. Should be fun!

Overall, I really really loved this Melt haul. Almost everything worked out well and looked good on my complexion. Definitely happy and can’t wait for the next Melt Cosmetics line.


Haul me away!

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The delivery guy came bearing gifts of beauty and fashion. And like the overeager and excited person I am to get packages, the urge to devour the tape from its cardboard-y limbs was very hard to control. But, after a few breathing exercises and clamoring for something sharp to rip the tape, the coveted contents I’ve been waiting for was within my grasp.

Sick bright lights, sun.

Well, what the sun washed out was my Colourpop and Jeffree Star Cosmetics hauls, along with my two t-shirts from Sick Girls Club. Thanks sun. ‘ppreciate it. Bleh. It is what it is.

I was pretty excited for everything to come in at once! I was pleasantly surprised with how fast the shipping for the SGC shirts, since they’re a Canadian brand.  I found them on my rabbit hole of looking through Instagram to find cool, Indie brands to support and stumbled across them. Their products are definitely up my alley. I was a bit worried cause the shipping was kind of meh, but,  I knew that it was coming from Canada so I can’t really complain. The cheapest shipping was without tracking but, I had some faith in the USPS so… I let #BasedGod take the wheel and placed the order. However, for all the Canadians out there, they do have free shipping within the country. Check them out.

Nevertheless, my order was placed AND processed on the 17th and shipped out on the 18th. Got it in the mail on the 25th. Not too shabby, considering it would’ve been sooner but, USPS doesn’t deliver on Sundays.

Back of the SGC Jersey!
Pocket detail of the Slumber Party Tee.

The shirts felt soft and good quality. I’m very excited to wear these out. They’re definitely my aesthetic. Can’t wait to pick up more things in the future. I WANT THE SWEATSHIRT. PLEASE COME BACK IN STOCK! 

Moving on!


I already got the Blood Sugar and Red Mini Lip bundle (will do swatches of that later) so, it was only fair to continue adding to my J* collection. I snagged Cherry Wet and Coral Fixation liquid lipsticks from the summer collection since they were the main ones that caught my attention. Definitely had to grab Dominatrix and Weirdo liquid lipsticks, since those seem to go out of stock quite often. Lastly, Peach Popsicle lip scrub (it smells so oh-so good) and Skin Frost in Dark Horse. I wish I got the mirror in pink but, whatever. Red is still a great color.

Last but not least! Colourpop!

Affordably cute.

Here we have Colourpop’s new No Fliter Foundation in Medium 110 & Medium Dark 120 w/ their foundation brush in F17, No Filter Pressed Powder in Medium Dark, Neat Freak Lipgloss from the Shayla x CP collab, Luster Dust in Gnomie and Dew Drop, Super Shock Shadow in Tassel and they threw in a free lipgloss due to delayed delivery! They threw in Fairy Me from their Feelin’ Fine lip bundle. Nice.

PHEW! We made it to the end unscathed. But, this is only the beginning. I will be doing swatches and first impressions of all the products pictured. Please be on the look out for those in the future!

Until then, see you in the next post.

30 going on 13.

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No wonder I still get carded.

I was super excited to wear this 80s inspired shirt from Mokuyobi. I was slightly worried about the fit and quality of it, but, one of my favorite fashionistas I follow, Glitterandlazers, hasn’t steered me wrong when it comes to clothes for plus-sized gals. I can attest that this shirt has easily become one of my new favorite thing to wear. It’s super comfortable and the sleeves are big (upper) arms approved. I was terrified that they would choke the crap out of my arms but, the sleeves were super stretchy! The shirt is very breathable and kinda sheer, but, most white tops are. So, just make sure you have a black or white bra ready.

img_2727Lid space for days.
img_2713Silently judging.

The shirt gave me an excuse to play more with my Radioactive stack from Melt Cosmetics. I didn’t want to go to ham on the eyeshadows. I wanted the shirt to be the star of the show. Nevertheless, I loved the quality of Melt’s shadows. The yellow was very buildable on a not stark white surface on my skin. It can get powdery, but it’s pigmented. I used Neon all over my lid and on my lower lash line and put Radon in my crease and blended it outwards for some color on my eyes. I tried to use Xenon but, I ended up just putting more Neon over top cause I just loved the yellow that much. Whoops.

Per my new tradition, I opted out of eyeliner and looking back at it, I kinda wished I didn’t. Hindsight is 20/20 (not my eyesight though, bleh). Just used my Milk Kush mascara and a little bit of Stila’s eye glitter in Karma Kitten to add more sparkle to my face. Last but not least, Melt’s bullet lipstick in 1969. Oh my word, do I love this color. It is very flattering on my complexion and I’m glad I grabbed it when it was on sale.

Overall, I liked the subtle look, but when I wear this shirt again, I’d probably throw some blues and greens in instead.

Myspace angles in 2018? More likely than you think.