More like Colourpopped.

CP foundation

I had some relatively high hopes for the new Colourpop “No Filter Foundation”. Like, decently high hopes. A nice shade range so that a wide variety of people can have a chance to try his product. Though, I am not too sure about the different undertones and how well they vary and translate on people’s skin. I did watch a few beautubers’ reviews to get some idea of what to potentially expect. Now, I don’t have flawless skin. It’s pretty textured and my pores like to visit more often than not. I have had zero work done on my face so, results will definitely vary for me. Nevertheless, I still wanted to give it a try and for $12 each, that did not seem like a bad deal.

Before I put on foundation, I used my Son & Park beauty water to clean off my face, Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta® Exfoliating Moisturizer and Illuminating Rose Gold Facial Serum by Cosmedica Skincare. Nothing new. Primed my face with Touch in Sol primer (I love this primer) and did a little color correcting. All these steps are my normal routine and figured, might as well do my basic routine to see how it would perform with all these products on my face. Nothing crazy right? …right?

I hate color matching online with a passion, but for $12, getting two to mix seemed fine to me. I picked up Medium 110 and Medium Dark 120 to mix to attempt to make my shade. This starts the beginning of the end of this foundation for me.

After figuring out that there was a twist stopper on the pump, the product has a very liquidity consistency. I was already concerned when I saw the product rolling down the back of my hand like water. Nevertheless, I gave it the old college try.

I did not enjoy its application. It seemed slightly patchy and hard to blend in spots. At the time, I was using the Colourpop foundation brush and it was not the greatest. I didn’t have another beauty sponge at the time for comparison, so, I apologize in advance for that.

I finished my face like normal, but I still wasn’t thrilled by it. Guess I was expecting something more, considering other reviewers were raving about the color and coverage of it. It was nothing to write back home to mom about though.

Okay, not too shabby…

Doesn’t look too bad at first. I could see some patchiness, but, I didn’t want to cake the foundation on. I went about my evening and when it was time to take it off, the horror began. Please don’t mind my lipstick! I had dinner and was winding down to take my makeup off.

What in the world happened to my face?!

This was such a mess. It broke apart around my lips, nose and mouth. The level of oiliness on my T-zone was unacceptable, even though I used plenty of setting powder and I had been wearing it for less than 5 hours. The foundation clung onto my texture this badly was just insanity. I’m glad I was home and did not have to go anywhere for hours with this “look”. I showed this picture on the r/makeupaddiction Discord and another user had very similar issues with her foundation as well.

As of right now, I hate this foundation. Other than the price, I saw no redeeming qualities of it. I maybe give it another shot with a different primer, setting powder and beauty sponge to see if anything changes or maybe I’ll like it more.

Until then, I’m sticking with my Too Faced foundation in Praline.

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