Busted and blue.

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While scrolling through Instagram, I got some inspiration to do something a bit different and challenging with my makeup. A bruised, battered and badass look. I saw Nica Phan do this look and felt inclined and inspired to try it out.

I’ve never done anything like this so, Google was definitely my friend for this journey. My newfound confidence in my makeup application had me excited for something fun and out of the box. I was ready for this self challenge.

Neesa61st RULE: You do not talk about FIGHT CLUB.

For this look, I wanted to give some untouched makeup some love, so I decided to use my Morphe 35B palette to use for the black eye. It had all the colors I needed to make it look as realistic as I possibly could make it for my first attempt. Next time I’ll take pictures of step by step shots of my process.


I did my typical makeup prep because I was still doing a normal eye look on my right eye.

The colors and my phone.
76de21c7-5622-4022-8864-415e994cb895Eye creators.

Brushes used:

  • Sephora Everyday Eye Brush Set
  • Sephora Face the Day Brush Set: Smudge Brush
  • Morphe MB19
  • BH Cosmetics 103
  • BH Cosmetics 105
  • BH Cosmetics V11 (for face powder to diffuse)
  • Unnamed dupe Unicorn brush from years ago. Sorry!

For this look, I used quite a few colors to try to blend it out as best and make it look as organic as possible.

I initially laid down Chicory on the inner corner onto the bridge of my nose, lower lash line, brow bone, above the eyebrow, and on my cheek as the transition color. Wanted to build up the actual bruise color, so I used Beets Me and a mixture of Grape Pop and Purplish for all the dark bruised areas. I deepened the color using Denim with a mixture of Frosty and Pebble to make the black color a little softer. Sunshine and Brilliant were perfect for blending out more of the purple color to look more brownish like the bruise was starting to heal around the edges. I eventually went back in with Chicory to revive some of the red color around everything.

I think what really pulled everything together to blend it was using my MAC Studio Fix powder over everything to really diffuse the colors and look more “skinlike” than just having all these color be really bright and vibrant.

For the “cuts” and dried blood on the nose and lips, I used Chicory, Beets Me, Frosty, and Grape Pop with a Morphe MB19 brush to make some of the lines then used the fluffy crease brush in the Sephora Everyday Eye Brush Set to blend out the edges of everything. I blotted Mum from Melt Cosmetic on my lips and smudged it into the eye shadows around my mouth to have no defined edges.

For my right eye, it was pretty simple:

Simple, yet effective glam.

Used I ♥ Makeup Peach and Glow highlight & illuminator duo kit all over my lid and up to my brow bone. Mixed Watermelon and Brilliant from the Morphe 35B palette on top for a more coral/peachy color and diffuse some of the glitter from the Peach and Glow. Popped some Stila glitter eye shadow in Kitten Karma from the inner corner to center of the lid and deepened the outer V and crease with Frosty, Pebble and Beets Me. Lastly, I placed Colourpop’s Tassel on my inner corner to open the eye a little more for the final OOMPH.

For the wing, I decided that gel or liquid liner would be too shiny and distracting from the look.  I decided to smoke out the wing with Pebble and smoked out the waterline to connect everything.


I think I did a pretty swell job. Ha. Bruise pun. However, I do wish I used some greens in there to really make it look like an “older” bruise. I’m still pretty happy with the overall look and will try to improve on it in the future. Can’t wait to try more looks and give more of my untouched palettes more love.



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