Wish I was 27 again.

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Sorry for the long break. I was feeling pretty uninspired and unmotivated to even touch makeup for a little. Especially after my first attempt with the new Colourpop foundation. Figures after that little rut was over, I got hit with a Summer cold. Of course. Thank you, life!

Now that slump is over, let’s get on to some makeup! Melt Cosmetics did another limited edition release, the Twenty Seven palette. I can say that I was initially intrigued when the colors were being revealed on their Instagram. That intrigued came to a hard stop when I saw it all together and my reservations for the palette started to set in. Now, the Gemini palette was such an interesting palette that I had to set an alarm for the release date. The Twenty Seven palette flew under my radar and I just figured I could pick up any warm neutral palette and be fine.

I checked the r/makeupaddiction Discord to see when the release date was and decided, eh, lemme give it another look. Seeing more swatches and looks, I caved. Plus, the sale was amazing! Their lipsticks for only $5?! ARE YOU KIDDING? YES. So here was my latest Melt Cosmetics haul:

Melt2Warm enough?

From top left to right, I got their  bronzer/highlight in Nova, which is a pretty gold color. I couldn’t really get it to show up on my skin but, I think I was stressing, but it still gave a nice glow from within look. Cali Dream and Honey Thief are wonderful warm toned blushes, with Cali Dream being a bit more on the pink/coral side. Shadowplay is a such a great shimmer highligher/blush topper. This and Ghostlight are my favorites to use for a glow highlighter with shifts of golds, greens and silvers. Love it. I haven’t played with the Haze stack yet, but, that might be my next venture when trying out the rest of my Melt stacks that I’ve acquired recently. Be on the look out for that!

Melt3Twenty Seven palette

At first look, it doesn’t look much. Just a typical warm palette, but the quality and pigmentation of these colors are so A+ Melt Cosmetics quality. The colors were so easy to blend without getting too muddy. Definitely loved Crimefighter and Moonchild the most. I applied Crimefighter with my finger to the inner and towards the center of my lid. I’ll try with a brush next time, but I loved how light and shimmery it looked. The picture doesn’t do it justice. I was actually surprised that Naked Sleep showed up well on my complexion. It’s the perfect transition color! Definitely gonna be using this palette a lot more to do warm grungy looks.

Neesa5Was NOT a good liner day.
Had to gradient them.

Left to Right: Voyeur – 710 – Mum – Old Fashioned – Blow – Blitzed

Melt4On my lips: 710 – Voyeur – Old Fashioned – Mum – Blow – Blitzed

I was a little worried when I tried 710 and Voyeur. They definitely had a lot more tug on my lips than I would’ve liked. But once applied, they looked so pretty with my eye look. When I tried on Old Fashioned, Mum (my favorite), they applied so smoothly and creamy texture. Lastly, Blow and Blitzed were interesting to work with. Blow needed to get warmed up a bit then it applied a lot more smooth. It stained and was a bit of a pain to take off. Blitzed was creamy and easy to apply as well. Can’t wait to wear these with different looks. Should be fun!

Overall, I really really loved this Melt haul. Almost everything worked out well and looked good on my complexion. Definitely happy and can’t wait for the next Melt Cosmetics line.


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