“Make-up your mind” days.

Now playing: Latin Simone – Gorillaz (G-Side)


Ever have days where you just stare at all your makeup and wonder “Should I bother with makeup today?” Then the thought of the process that you normally love to set your face to the gods just seems grueling and tiresome? I get those days a lot. Just staring at my collection to try to get myself amp’d up to do a sweet look only for me to feel like I’m staring at kryptonite.

Those days turn into sweats and oversized t-shirt days. I tell myself I’m letting my skin rest but, that’s just a bad excuse.

But hey, we’re allowed to have lazy days cause when you’re in the mood to snatch your face to the high heavens, no one can tell you anything. So for now, I’ll admire my makeup collection and contemplate my next look. I’ve been missing wearing my Melt Cosmetics’ lipstick in “Tomboy” right about now to get my resting “bih” face selfies going again.


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